Whether it is a small event or as large as Janmastami or Dwali, All Volunteer need to complete  following trainings

•Health and Safety
•Basic Child Protection
•The real meaning of offering service to Krishna
•The importance of devotional service in developing spiritual life
•Etiquette while serving with other devotees

Manor organizes regular training sessions. All volunteers (New and Old) are requested to attain at least one session that covers all that mentioned above. Attaining Volunteer training class every year is mandatory for all Volunteer In case any volunteer wants to refer any part of the training later, s/he can get it from : DevotionalService and VolunteerTraining


Some frequently asked questions and answers

Q. When and from whom a volunteer get badge?
A. From Team lead close to the event day or on the event day.

Q. When can a volunteer take darshan through a privileged queue?
A. Team lead will tell to the team members. For the Janmastami 2014, 10:00am – 3:00pm on both days.  Entry is via the VIP entrance only for volunteers with baadge.

Q. Do Volunteers have a special parking area?
A. No

Q. What is the age for helping in Pizza tent or Car park
A. 16 and above

Q. Can someone help without doing volunteer training?
A. No. As we do Health and Safety training and also cover other special aspects.

Q. How to treat some physically ill person during festival?
A. Stay with the person and ask some bystander / passer-by to call ambulance staff. Also Inform your team lead

Q. Can a volunteer help only for few hours?
A. It is 12 hours volunteering over two days of Janmasthmi.

Q. Will there be any special arrangement for Volunteers Prasadam.
A. Usually During big festivals, Prasadam for all volunteers are available at the volunteer’s (Only badge holders) rest area. Please refer to your team leader for direction.

Q. Is there any dress code for volunteers during festival?
A. There is always a dress code for volunteers, whether it is festival day or normal day. All should wear modest traditional Indian clothing (No Short skirts or shorts). Usually it is Dhoti-Kurta for male and Sari for female wore keeping devotional service in mind. But in some areas volunteers can wear yellow t-shirt (or other dress) provided / recomended by Manor for specific service. It is always a good idea to get a confirmation from the team lead in case of any doubt or otherwise.

Please remember that the volunteer may be terminated from service if found dressed inappropriately.