Dear Devotees of Lord Sri Krishna,
Hare Krishna
Thank you for volunteering your services over the special 50th anniversary Janmashtami Festival and giving nothing less than your very best to make this year’s festival a great success.
Attached are links two documents that are integral to Bhaktivedanta Manor fulfilling its legal duty to the volunteers serving on its grounds. The ‘Volunteer Agreement’ describes your responsibilities and what you can expect from us in return; whereas the ‘Charity’s Policies Summarised’ is a framework of everything required to support you and it provides important details of key policies and procedures.

Volunteer Agreement

Key Policies Summarised

Dealing with suspicious elements using the ‘HOT’ protocol

Please read both documents carefully. While collecting your ID badge on the festival day, you will be asked to sign acceptance of the Volunteer Agreement and, where the case may be, in the capacity as parent or guardian, sign for and on behalf of any minor child(ren) you are legally responsible for. Your attention is drawn to section 6 (‘Safeguarding’) of the ‘Summarised Policies’ for Volunteers with regards to minors volunteering.
If you need help understanding the contents of either document, please do not hesitate to contact us.
Your servants,
Krsnapurna devi dasi and Volunteer Care Council