The group which plan and execute the festivals is called the Festival Committee . A sub-group of this team is the Volunteer Care Council (VCC) who are responsible for the volunteer registrations, training and placements in to the service areas. The VCC is your first point of contact and engagement. After you register, one of the team members will contact you and invite to meet the team. The team consists of following :

It is usually pleasant to put a face to a name so let us introduce ourselves, and if you recognize any of us please approach and say Harekrishna!

Krishna Purna Devi Dasi (Team Lead) Shiv Kerai (Administrator) Nitin Patel(Volunteer Trainer)
Bhavisha Mehta(Team Member) Darshak Mehta (Team Member) Gita Sanghani(Team Member) Kaushick Makwana(Team Member)
Madhu Kothari(Team Member) Nimisha Saigal(Team Member) Mina Gandhi(Team Member) Pooja Chawla(Team Member)
Seetha Patel(Team Member) Shusma Makwana(Team Member) Sudipta Das(Team Member) Swapna Chandode(Team Member)