In the 50th year of establishment of ISKCON, we are promoting 50 more hours of service by individual volunteers to contribute towards Shrila Prabhupadas mission.
What is it:-
Any hours of service other then regular service or service in the festival days will fall in the bouquet of ‘50 hours of additional service’, This special service period is between 01-Feb-2016 to 30-Nov-2016.
How will it work
1. Any volunteer who wants to do the above service should contact respective team leader and inform him/her first.
2. Do the additional service
3. Fill up the form periodically and get it signed with respective team lead and drop it in the
pigeonhole/messagebox in the reception area.
4. All hours will be counted and the volunteer will be given a recognition at the end of the tenure
5. But again service towards Lord Krishna and Shrila Prabhupas mission is far more important than Physical form of recognition.

Where to get the forms
1. The team lead of respective area
2. In the department
3. In BVM Temple reception

What type of work will be considered towards this :-
Any volunteering work that helps BVM and Shrila Prabhupadas mission of Krishna Consciousness. Service areas are defined in Volunteers service Area link. Other than that there are many ways one can contribute. One of the examples is someone organizing a Sangha for Krishna Consciousness.

Whom to contact in case of further details or in case of any difficulty:-
1. Write mail with contact details in
2. Contact
(a) Krsna Purna Mathaji on 07946 410890
(b) Shiv Kerai on 07854930488