It  is a surprising number of volunteers have come to offer their time and serve at Bhaktivedanta Manor?

Since the birth of  Bhaktivedanta Manor, approximately 20,000 people have served on a voluntary basis in one or way or another. What started off as a few hundred people celebrating Janmashtami on the front lawn in 1973, is now an event which attracts over 50k visitors – and that’s just Janmashtmi. In addition to this there are 4 other major public festivals which attract over 120k visitors!

What makes these events a true success is the hard work and dedication of people like you – our volunteers. Your time and energy makes the festivals a world class and truly memorable experience and this permeates into an attraction to Krishna and his devotees.

In the last 40 years I am sure you all have many wonderful memories to share but is there anyone out there who has been serving at Bhaktivedanta Manor since 1973? If this is you, please contact us; we’d love to hear more about your experience.

What started with a couple of tents has now grown into a very large scale operation. During the first twenty years, the main area was the front lawn but in 1996, when the new road was built, the new festival site came along as well – from free prasadam to Govinda’s Pizza, to the numerous preaching and Kritan tents – our festivals cater for everyone and amidst all the different items one thing is constant – making people aware of Krishna.